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4 Social Media Trends To Grow Your Business in 2014

As we approach the mid-year point, not only can we now take a good look at the social media trends that have shaped the first half of the year, but we can also now analyze the trends that business owners should capitalize on for the remainder of 2014. After looking at the trends identified by leaders in the social media marketing sphere, these are our top recommendations.

1. Use new platforms. If you only stick to Facebook, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Thanks to changes Facebook has made to the news feed in an effort to get more paid advertising, only six percent of Facebook followers are currently seeing your posts. Stay on Facebook, of course – but add Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to your repertoire if you haven’t already.

2. Speaking of Google+…It isn’t going anywhere. In fact, Google has now made it an important part of the algorithm (formula) that determines how your website will rank in user searches. Google wants you to be on its social media property, so it now rewards businesses that are on Google+ with higher rankings.

3. Use more visual content. Here’s an eye opener: An estimated 63% of social media includes imagery. That means images are playing a bigger role than ever. No wonder Pinterest is becoming such a phenomenon; in fact, 29% of Pinterest users will buy an item after posting or re-pinning it on the network. That’s astounding.

4. Put the brand first. Social media pages should be managed with the brand as the number one priority. Even if you don’t enjoy managing your social media pages, you should make it a goal to post on Facebook/LinkedIn/Google+ at least three times per week, and Twitter at least once per day, to keep your brand at the forefront.

Remember, you can outsource your social media management to a competent marketing provider. Crest Media offers this service; if you are ready to jump on the best social media trends of 2014, ask us about it today.

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