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5 More Tips from the LinkedIn Best Company Pages List

LinkedIn Company Pages TipsLinkedIn has come a long way in just 10 years. Now, businesses that have engaging company pages on LinkedIn are becoming known for more than just their products and services. Whether you choose to use them on your own or with the help of a Los Angeles social media agency like ours, here are five more tips from companies on the LinkedIn Best Company Pages List for 2012.

“Publish content that interests your followers and less about how great your company is.” – Xactly Corporation

You know that irritated feeling you get when you see nothing but self-promotion from contacts in your LinkedIn feed? No one wants to be the brand that is guilty of giving people that feeling. Rather than bloviate about your services every day, limit yourself to sporadic bragging and focus on sharing content that your followers will like. Xactly, which makes management software for the sales industry, shares everything from interviews with best-selling business authors to infographics on why employees are unhappy at work.

“Create banners that show the vibrant nature of your business and culture.” – Aurecon

LinkedIn allows you to add a banner to your company page; it is important to make the most of that. Resist the temptation to make your LinkedIn banner your same old logo (unless your logo is vibrant and exciting). Choose a high end web design firm that can create a stellar LinkedIn banner for your company page. That small decision can pay off big time when it comes to making a name for yourself on LinkedIn.

“Encourage employees to like and share updates from their network. This helps grow your follower base.” – The IT Media Group

Many companies have begun the practice of monitoring their employees’ LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, in order to ensure that any editorializing is aligned with the company brand. Even if your employees have the standard “opinions are my own” disclaimer on their pages, they can still share updates that will help the whole team move further up the ladder of credibility. When people see who employs these amazing professionals, your brand can seriously benefit.

“Stay fresh by reaching out to your followers once a day, if not more.” – The Walt Disney Company

If you want your brand to become well known to a broad audience of businesses and consumers, is there any better model for success than Disney? The LinkedIn page for the entertainment giant features daily updates with topics that range from new job openings to Disney-branded, engagement-provoking questions like, “What provides you with inspiration?” Your company can do the same thing to get its name out there, direct traffic to the website and increase conversion rates.

“Listen to your audience. Look at Company Page insights, read comments, make connections.” – Pacific Dental Services

Engagement is a two-way street on every social media channel, including LinkedIn. Although LinkedIn may facilitate less ongoing engagement than Facebook or Twitter, it is still a platform designed to help connect people; in fact, the name implies it. Your LinkedIn audience is valuable, because they are people who genuinely admire your business; most people do not follow a company on LinkedIn for the sake of getting more followers themselves. A quality social media agency like Crest Media can help you tap into the connection-making power of LinkedIn.

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