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5 More Ways to Improve the Value of Your Content

Embracing Content Marketing ImprovementsThere is good news for marketers that want to enhance the quality of their content: There are many, many ways to do it! Thankfully too, new techniques for enhancing the value and sharability of web content are being discovered all of the time! To pick up where we left off earlier this week, here are five more methods a social media agency may employ to give your content the boost it needs, so that it will look good for Google and be more valuable to users. (You can check out our first of this week’s 2 posts on content marketing optimization here.)

1. Consult an expert in your field.

Even if you are truly an expert in your field, it doesn’t hurt to be humble now and then. One way to communicate your credibility without going overboard is by quoting an expert. You could consult one personally (via an industry organization), or you could simply extract a quote that appears in another piece of content (you will still need to attribute the publication). Quoting an expert that the audience will respect is a great way to add value to your content.

2. Audit your linking profile.

As we frequently report, link building is a key factor in SEO and content marketing. If you haven’t yet reviewed which sites are linking to your pages, now is the time to do that. Your SEO company should check to be sure the sites that link to you are relevant, authoritative and credible domains (as opposed to being low quality or irrelevant sites). While Google formerly used PageRank as the exclusive means of gauging the quality of links, they now place a higher value on relevance. Google’s Link Disavow Tool can help you get rid of those links that are from low quality sites.

3. Improve your own linking practices.

Who chooses to link to you matters, but in the eyes of Google, who you choose to link to matters just as much. Also, when you link to high quality and relevant sites, you are showing those sites that you’re “out there” – meaning that hopefully, they will link back to you or share your content at some point. It’s mutually beneficial, so why wouldn’t they? Improving your own linking practices is an important part of adding value to your content to increase conversion rates.

4. Add an infographic.

An infographic, which is a graphic illustration with text designed to simplify a concept for the reader, is a great way to add value to your content and entice others to link to you. Users enjoy infographics that are easy to follow and accomplish the goal of making a complex idea simpler to understand. If you can create an infographic that fits that description, you can create a highly valuable page of content that will generate shares and links. Since many people are not skilled graphic designers, a high end Web design company can design and execute an infographic for you.

5. Utilize share buttons.

Adding Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn share buttons to your site is not a necessary evil; it’s just necessary. These tools are valuable, because they subliminally give the reader “permission” to share your content. It doesn’t matter whether users choose to click the button or copy and paste the link; what matters is that they share it, bottom line. Placing share buttons at the end of the content is like whispering into their ear, “Share me.” It’s subtle, but it’s effective. To speak with a high end Web design and social media agency that knows how to increase the value of your content, contact Texas SEO firm Crest Media.

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