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5 Tips from the LinkedIn Best Company Pages List

2012 LinkedIn Best Company Pages TipsLinkedIn released its Best Company Pages List for 2012, and our San Francisco social media agency believes there are some important lessons to be learned from the 12 companies that made the list. On the slideshow “Top 10 Tips from Best LinkedIn Company Pages of 2012,” companies that ranked on the list offered tips for maintaining an outstanding company page on LinkedIn. Those tips include:

“Add a variety of cover images to reflect a range of business priorities, products, campaigns, or events.” – Adobe

Adobe includes a vibrant image with nearly every LinkedIn post. These images are designed to highlight a wide range of themes – everything from an environmental collage to announce a company distinction (“We were the world’s first company to get four Platinum-level Certifications for Energy and Environmental Design Excellence”), to a montage of worldwide Adobe employees with a hiring announcement (“From San Jose to India, our employees value a healthy and active lifestyle… and so do we!”). Your social media marketing agency can use images the same way to help you achieve your strategic LinkedIn objectives.

“Publish photos and content from top events to show everyone what your company is all about.” – HireVue

Business owners and professionals love getting an inside view of the companies they admire. If you have been hesitant to let your company “be itself” on LinkedIn, try getting your feet wet by posting images and recaps of a recent trade show, big sale or staff outreach event. If you are doing it, it’s worth talking about. HireVue also gives readers a look at its clients, by featuring TalentVue Thursday on LinkedIn. There are many ways to give people the transparency they crave on social media.

“Never leave the Products and Services section blank. No matter what your company does, products and services should be listed there.” – Magna Powertrain

There is nothing more frustrating than following a company on social media, only to find that their pages are virtually blank. That goes not only for the profile page, but for the About sections as well. A good social media agency can ensure that all fields on your LinkedIn page are populated, including your Products and Services sections. Like Magna Powertrain, which lists no less than 10 products and services in that section, you can use LinkedIn to tell people what you have to offer them.

“Don’t be shy about asking for recommendations on your products.” – HubSpot

Unlike Endorsements, which is a relatively new innovation, Recommendations are one of the most established features on LinkedIn. Just as professionals can ask former employers and colleagues for a LinkedIn recommendation, companies can also ask followers for recommendations on their products. Like HubSpot, you can use your LinkedIn company page as a conversion rate optimization tool by generating buzz about your products through recommendations.

“Before posting an update, ask yourself: would I want to read this story? Would I want to share this with my connections?” – CNBC

Posting a LinkedIn update is a task that should be carried out thoughtfully. CNBC achieved LinkedIn recognition by posting content that is of value to the reader, whether it is tax day advice, investment news or reports on the housing market. Whatever your readers are interested in, that is what you should be posting on LinkedIn.

As a San Francisco social media firm, Crest Media encourages businesses to consider what these recognized companies are doing right on LinkedIn – both for conversion rate optimization, and for a healthier overall public profile.

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