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5 Ways to Improve the Value of your Content

Content ImprovementsContent has always been king, but there has been a dramatic shift in the way businesses create and market content in order to increase conversion rates. As a Texas SEO company and social media agency that helps businesses throughout the U.S. market themselves online, we believe there are two reasons for this shift: 1.) Google Panda/Google Penguin, and 2.) the weight that social media now carries in the digital marketing universe. As more companies shift their budgets to make room for social media efforts, the need to create valuable content becomes more compelling.

So, how can marketers improve the value of the content they are delivering? There are numerous techniques that can be implemented into a content marketing campaign to improve the value of what is being presented to users, and boost the quality of the site so that Google will rank it favorably. Here are five you may consider.

1. Analyze user intent.

Your keywords should be terms users are searching with, and the content on your site should be relevant to those terms. So, ask yourself: Is the content that users find in their searches relevant to the topics they appear to be searching for? Does it answer the questions they most likely have? By analyzing the intent of your users, you can adjust your content so that is better aligned with their needs.

2. Write better titles.

Even the most engaging content will remain unread without an attention-grabbing title. According to one statistic, eight out of ten people will read a title, but only two out of ten will read the rest of an article. If that is true, then content marketers should devote significant energy to creating good titles. Try making your title a teaser by introducing a list (see the title above), or by promising something the user will find valuable (such as a how-to/ tutorial).

3. Wisely expand some pages of content.

Yes, short and concise content is best in many cases; but Google does like valuable long-form content as well. Some readers even prefer it (hence the popular #LongReads hashtag on Twitter). That doesn’t mean every page on your site should be longer, but it does mean you can choose a few key pages on popular topics to expand. These should be pages featuring evergreen content, meaning that they are relevant today, tomorrow and next year. In so doing, you are taking content that is already valuable and making it worth even more to the reader.

4. Wisely edit some pages of content.

If this sounds like a paradox, remember: Long-form content is best in small doses. The majority of your content should still be concise, with unnecessary words slashed at every turn. Plus, editing isn’t just about brevity; content also needs to be edited for clarity. User-friendly content is something an SEO company should specialize in, so if you are unable to write your own clear, concise content, it’s time to hire a professional.

5. Know when to outsource.

Many times, it is better to leave the entire content marketing process to a social media agency and SEO company. Rather than outsourcing to many different vendors, choose a single provider to handle all your content marketing tasks. Contact Crest Media, a Texas SEO and social media agency, for more information.

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