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Afraid to Create New Content? Try these Ideas

If there is one thing website owners seem to be afraid of, it is adding new content to the website; we have found this to be the case in working with some of our own Austin SEO clients. Often, small business marketers find the pressure of creating new content for the website intimidating. Perhaps because of the notion that “there is nothing to write about” or “no one wants to hear me talk about what I do/what I make/what I’m selling.” But if what you are selling is so “boring,” why would anyone buy it?

Creating content that doesn’t make it seem boring may feel like a mountainous task, but there are easy formulas to follow that practically do the writing for you. Here are a few of the most tried and true.

FAQ Content

There are frequently asked questions in every industry. If people buy your product or take advantage of your service, they are going to have questions about it. Many of the audience’s questions will overlap, which is what makes them FAQs. Remember, an FAQ page (whether it is on the main website or a blog post) doesn’t really have to be made up of questions that you are personally asked “frequently.” It just needs to have questions that consumers tend to ask of professionals in your field. Also, it doesn’t need to be too lengthy of a page; come up with eight to ten common questions, give them detailed, respectful answers – and that should work just fine.

Transcribe Your Videos

Some marketers are more comfortable in front of a camera than they are behind a keyboard. If that describes you, and you have made a series of YouTube videos for your audience, why not make transcripts of those videos and post them as content on your website? We are not downplaying the effectiveness of video here, but you would be surprised how many users would rather have written text in front of them than watch a video.

Sometimes, people would rather not worry about mousing back again and again to hear the information they really want to know. If it is in front of them in typed format, they can print it out and have it ready when they really need it. This is especially valuable if you make how-to videos. It’s just another arrow in your quiver if you need ideas for creating valuable content.

Tell a Great Story

That doesn’t help out the intimidation factor, does it? After all, what constitutes a “great story?” How about the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you at your business? What about the greatest innovation ever achieved in your industry? For that one, it doesn’t have to be your own accomplishment; in fact, it can be a little-known historical tidbit from your industry’s earliest days. Every industry has stories to tell, whether or not they are relevant to selling the product. Remember, the audience wants engagement above all else.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

Content is now the #1 most important factor in determining search rankings, so it’s time to get serious about creating more high quality content for your website. If you still find yourself intimidated, our Austin area SEO firm has content marketing services that can help. Contact us to learn more.

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