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Article Marketing and Traffic: One Way To The Top

There’s a few different things that you can try to increase your keyword ranking and one that has had some of the most promising results is article marketing. In effect, this is a way that the most savvy entrepreneurs use to throw the net wide and get the word out about the business or service that they’re pushing. Still, with all the other methods that include pay per click internet advertising, article marketing remains one of the more tested ways of increasing keyword ranking and there are some very good reasons for this method’s success.


First off, article marketing is a personable way of advertising. It appeals to people since the medium that’s used here ( the article) necessitates that the writer not only get a few keywords in here and there ( although the main thrust here isn’t that manner of SEO) but that they also give away some bit of useful information that will entice the reader to go to the website. In other words the best article marketing is never hard sell but informative; some of the best of these articles link to the sponsor’s website but never really mention them. This translates into an advantage for the business owner as well.

Wider Area

Because many of the articles are written exclusively for syndication and are sent to companies that work this service , these articles read a far greater audience than had the website/business owner just searched for a few directories on their own. Often the articles are placed in categories that attract interested parties who work in or shop from the same niche, and studies have proven that offering a reader some kind of useful information is much more effective in getting them interested than a direct sales approach.

The Internet has provided people with a host of different methods to sell their products and services and with that comes a host of advertising choices that includes ones that break the mold. Article Marketing is one of these that will be here for some time to come.

Sam ‘Ernie” Orion is a ghost writer that has made living in web design San Diego. His writings have appeared in different ezines under other names and his pieces in seo san Diego are still widely read.

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