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Being Authoritative: It’s More Important than Ever

As most in our Houston SEO audience already know, an authoritative website is one that curries favor with both, human experts and search engines like Google. Being authoritative is not symbolic; it is a very real designation that gives your site clout with Google’s algorithms. Being an industry authority on the Web is what will give your site more weight in the search results of the users you are targeting.

But how can you make your website more authoritative? Primarily, by concentrating only on your subject matter. That should be the focus of every page of content and blog post throughout your site. Bulking up content on your subject matter shows Google that your site is an authoritative one, and it will also encourage others in your industry to link back to you; then, their backlinks will make the site even more authoritative. Write on the topic as often as you can, and authoritative status is well within your reach.

You want to be authoritative now more than ever, because with the confirmed updates to Google Panda, Penguin and other algorithms, it is being hinted that this will help your site significantly. Google’s Matt Cutts has actually said so. “We’re doing a better job of detecting when someone is more of an authority on a specific space,” Cutts told viewers of his video blog. He identified this as one way that Google aims to “help regular webmasters.”

Furthermore, Cutts said it doesn’t matter what your industry is; whether your authority is in medical, travel or “whatever,” Google will “try to make sure that those rank a little more highly if you’re some sort of authority – or a site, according to the algorithms, we think might be a little more appropriate for users.” So with that in mind, now is the time for business owners to make their sites more authoritative. Here are a few tips on making your website more authoritative.

  • Write substantial content throughout the site. Your product descriptions should be – you guessed it – descriptive! As for your home page, “About Us” page and service pages, they should average between 300-500 words. Don’t forget to strategically insert your keywords, or hire an SEO company to do it for you. The more high quality content you have, the more authoritative you are.
  • Update your blog on a weekly, twice-weekly or daily basis, keeping the focus on your industry rather than on the inner workings of your business. Once in a while, it is okay to post “behind the scenes” info and fun photos of your staff. But to stay authoritative, you need to stay on topic – so get back on track quickly.
  • Don’t bloviate and brag – not too much, anyway. As long as you speak with professionalism, your expertise will shine through. Remember to be engaging as well.

Making your website more authoritative is one way you can get in Google’s good graces, and hopefully stay there for the long haul. If you need support when it comes to making your site an authoritative resource for your industry, contact our Houston SEO firm. The Crest Media team will be glad to help.

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