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Best Practices for the Facebook Timeline

Facebook Marketing Best PracticesYes, reports have surfaced that Facebook will be making a few changes to the controversial Timeline format. Despite that, the Timeline is likely here to stay and businesses need to know how to use it to their advantage for social media marketing. If you are tempted to delete your business Facebook page (what Facebook calls Brand Pages), remember that Facebook marketing is necessary if you want to establish your brand online. So, take a little time to acclimated to Timeline; you may even find you like it. Here are some of the best practices for the Facebook Timeline:

Upload more images: Timeline is very image oriented, so rather than focusing on witty status updates (although those are still good to do, too), post more images that help promote your business. Location photos, food photos, event photos, notable clientele…all of those images are great for the Facebook Timeline.

Make the most of the cover photo: According to a Facebook rep, “The new cover photo captures the culture and essence of a brand and can showcase their products — it’s the first thing people will see when they visit a brand’s page.” The company has done research that supports this, so take their word for it and choose your cover photo wisely. The panoramic interface of the cover photo is perfect for shots of your storefront, staff or prime product. Be creative, but be strategic, too.

Mention some milestones: Facebook Timeline is like a digital scrapbook, so use it to tell the story of your brand. There is a Milestone field that allows you to enter your own text, so take advantage of that by setting milestone dates for your brand launch, product launches and other key events in your company history. You’re bound to get “likes” from this, too.

Show love to fans: There are ways to promote your fans on your Facebook brand page. Because Timeline shows you fan posts in a box on the right, Facebook Timeline allows you to post fans’ pictures and Instagrams (with a link back to their pages) on your Timeline. If they patronize your business and have the pics to prove it, why not show them you appreciate it by putting the photo on your Timeline page?

No matter your feelings on Facebook Timeline, it’s important to roll with the changes if Facebook marketing is going to continue being an integral part of your social media marketing plan. Your brand recognition will benefit from your efforts to use best practices for the Facebook Timeline.

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