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The Marketing Catchphrase of 2011: Relayed by Facebook COO to Phoenix Web Design & Ad Pros

In October, Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg told the crowd at the Association of National Advertisers convention in Phoenix to do something many of us struggle to resist doing anyway: to make Facebook a part of everything they do.

Arizona Social Media users at ASU Connect with Campus Police

With the vast majority of college students engaged in social media, it makes sense that university police departments would use Facebook as a tool for keeping tabs on campus crime and discussing safety concerns with college students. That’s the case in Tempe, where Arizona social media users can connect to the campus police department at [...]

Arizona Pay Per Click Services…with an Odd Twist

Now this is entrepreneurship! The story of 21 year-old Arizona State University student Tyler Ross is inspiring for Internet enterprisers. The young man has become an Arizona pay per click (PPC) expert, by creating his own online advertising business to raise money for school tuition. Sounds like every other young entrepreneur these days? There’s more [...]

Successful Social Media Strategies: Two Top Examples

For some businesses, social media is not bringing about the success it was supposed to. They pictured thousands of conversions as a result of their strategically acquired fans and followers – but instead, what they got was a strategically acquired headache. Do you ever wonder how the companies who do it right implement their successful [...]