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Can You Get a Google Penalty for Short User Comments?

Last year, it was confirmed by Google that there are in fact penalties for site owners who allow users to put spam in their comments. In a previous era of SEO, some site owners may have kept spammy comments with links to other sites simply because they wanted comments, believing that the activity on the [...]

Updating Your Business Blog Means Valuing Your Brand

For consumers who follow the blogs of the brands they support, it is frustrating when a company’s blog just “drops off”, meaning the once-steady flow of content seemingly just stops. Brands that fail to update their blogs regularly are projecting a poor image for their company. If a reader visits a company’s blog, only to [...]

Business Blogging Statistics for 2012

Marketers clearly understood the value of social media marketing in 2012, but did you know that blogs are really the core of social media marketing? One statistic from Actionable Marketer shows that among companies using social media in their marketing efforts, 59% rank their company blog as “critical” or “important” to their business – and [...]

Why Blogging Matters for B2B Businesses

You can’t write, you don’t have anything interesting to say and you don’t have an audience anyways…so why should your small, B2B company have a blog? Fear not! There are several very good reasons, and there are also good solutions available for your B2B firm’s blogging problems. Nevermind the fact that if you’re passionate and [...]

Blog Post Formatting: What Matters Most?

Gone are the days when users were happy to digest pages of content at a time. Even devoted fans of popular blogs appreciate shorter posts that allow them to get in, be engaged, get informed and get out. On that note, let’s get right to the point; whether you use blogging for social media marketing, [...]