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California Web Design Amateur Unknowingly Created the North Korea State Website

File this under really offbeat design stories! For a nation that’s bent on putting on a show for the West when it comes to rockets and missiles, North Korea sure did a 180 when it came to its official state website. It turns out that the template used for the new website design of the [...]

Facebook Page Timelines: A Complete Breakdown For Social Media Clients

You’ve probably noticed that Facebook is about to convert to the Timeline layout with users across the board, including personal profiles and brand pages alike. Hundreds of national brands, celebrities & public figures have already adopted the new page layout & like anything else, its sparking a lot of discussion in the Social Media world.

How California Web Design Companies Can Mess up Your Website

Did your web design company muddy up your web content so much that it’s totally off the radar of the search engines? Here’s one good way to tell: If they post content that appears differently for human readers than it does for search engine crawlers. When they do this, your site receives poorer treatment from [...]

SEO Cost: What Makes SEO Fees Different?

As an established Los Angeles SEO company, we are familiar with inquiries over the cost of SEO services. But the truth is, the cost of SEO depends on many things. It’s a little like buying a hamburger; if you’re happy with a thin patty, a couple of pickles and a little ketchup, then the golden [...]

Does Facebook IPO Windfall Equal A Boost To California’s Economy?

Has anyone wondered – as our California SEO company has – just how wealthy a number of Facebook employees are about to become? The company has reportedly offered generous pre-IPO stock options to as many as 1,000 of its employees. Suffice it to say that they stand to make a substantial amount of money when [...]

SEO Strategies for 2012: Crest Media’s New Year’s Playbook

If there’s one thing our Los Angeles SEO firm has noticed, it’s that search engine optimization has grown up – a lot. Of course, that’s not to say that bad SEO is eradicated from the landscape, but thanks to efforts like Google Panda and the learning curve of the web population, SEO in 2012 looks [...]

Crest Media to Attend 2011 Google Agency Summit

Our Southern California SEO company is excited to announce its presence at the 2011 Google Agency Summit, to be held at the infamous Googleplex headquarters in Mountain View, California on Wednesday, September 28th. This day-long event is a venue at which our Los Angeles social media, PPC and search marketing firm is proud to make [...]

California SEO Advice for Global Tech Giants

Covario, which provides SEO to some of the world’s largest brands, recently reported that two global tech giants tied for first place in a study that analyzed search engine optimization practices.

California Web Design Community Abuzz Over Adobe Edge

Is Adobe finally growing beyond Flash? To the delight of Web designers everywhere, it seems that it is! Adobe Systems is showing off a new design tool, Edge, that lets designers animate specific components of Web pages using standards Web-based technology.

California SEO, PR and General Conduct Lessons for Today’s Tech Startups

If you’re an early tech startup, you’re at an advantage and a disadvantage. The pro: You can avoid the mistakes that the previous generation of techies fell into. The con: You may not know any better. To help separate the dos from the don’ts, Mark Suster from GRP Partners outlines some good startup lessons on [...]

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