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California SEO Experts Still Wrapping Their Heads Around Google Sparks

The recent launch of Google’s own social networking site, Google+, has many SEO professionals asking what they are supposed to do in order to rank well within Google Sparks?

California Web Design Advice on Making an Impact

Impact: In the end, it’s really what determines whether a website visitor converts into a paying customer. If you’re new to creating a site that markets a product or service, following these basic tips can help you make the right kind of impact:

Social Media Roundup: Big Announcements From Facebook and Google!

Anyone in the Internet Marketing world has likely been engulfed in recent news regarding Facebook & Google’s Social Media developments. We’ve certainly been taking notes on all the buzz surrounding both firms & now that we’ve had a chance to digest both the official and unofficial stories about each, we’re ready to report on what’s [...]

Pitney Bowes’ Study Shows What Companies Love About Social Media

Postage meter giant Pitney Bowes recently surveyed 500 small to medium sized businesses on their marketing efforts. The study revealed that over two-thirds (68%) of marketers rely on e-mail for most of their marketing, and 60% rely on more traditional advertising channels.

Crest Media Announces Major Website Design Updates!

LOS ANGELES - A leading Southern California Web Development & Internet Marketing firm updates design & infrastructure of their website, offering new features, services pages and so much more!

California Web Design Companies Left Out of Webby Awards?

Say it isn’t so! The 15th annual Webby Awards (yes, it’s been around that long), have come and gone, and we’re still scratching our heads at the list of nominees for the Professional Services category. Not because the nominees weren’t deserving (trust us, they were). Rather, we’re perplexed because it appears that every one of [...]

Search Engine Optimization Affected by Google Algorithm Change?

It’s hard to believe that the latest Google algorithm change (colloquially referred to as “Google Farmer” or “Google Panda”) has been implemented for nearly two months now. The reason behind the move, to identify low-quality pages and sites, made sense; after all, how often have you searched for a topic you’re doing serious research on, only to find an assortment of flimsy “content farm” (user-generated) sites on the first page of results?

The California Web Design Debate: What’s More Important?

The Parallels Control Panels Summit 2011 was over one month ago, but people are still talking about Parallels senior product marketing manager Jon McCarrick’s “Targeting Web Designers” presentation. In the talk, he addressed with the Florida and California web design professionals in attendance the unique issues and needs of the Web design community – specifically, [...]

Social Media Agency Fees are a Big Payoff for Small Business

Do you use social media for marketing? One recent survey indicated that the majority of small business owners (70%, to be exact) do. Experts say that over the past year, there has been a 50% increase in the number of small businesses that utilize social media; and in fact, more than half of these same businesses claimed a shockingly low marketing budget of $2,500 dollars annually, or less.

Google’s +1: Social Media Goes ‘Google-Big’

For the search marketing aficionados anxiously awaiting the launch of another Google Social Media tool, wait no longer because “+1″ is finally here!

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