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DIY Content Creation vs. Auto Generated Content

Creating content is the key to getting noticed online, so now, brands are doing so at an unprecedented rate. But unfortunately, some businesses rely on technology to create their content. This is not effective at all, at least not when it comes to conversion rate optimization. To inspire users to take action, you have to [...]

Is ROI Taking all the Focus off the Customer?

Return on investment is undoubtedly a top concern among marketers, and understandably so. After all, business owners need to know that their ROI is going to be enough to justify pouring resources into a marketing campaign. But are SEO companies and their clients approaching ROI in an entirely wrong way? Specifically, some are saying that [...]

The Only Content Marketing Strategy You Need

As an advertising agency in Austin that also offers social media agency services, we can nearly guarantee that when you speak with any social media marketing firm, the one service they will certainly offer you is content marketing. That is good, because content marketing is a proven method for helping webmasters increase conversion rates. But [...]

Limit Your Content, without Limiting Your Impact

As a social media agency that watches industry trends, one movement we have noticed is an emphasis on quality over quantity. Rather than churning out content all day long under the guise that it will surely result in a few conversions, it seems that a more conservative, thoughtful approach is being embraced. But can you [...]

Becoming an Intent Marketer: Identifying User Intent

Recently, we explained that analyzing user intent is one way you can drastically improve the value of your content, but beyond analysis lies implementing actual strategy. Becoming an “intent marketer” means you understand not only what your users are searching for, but why they are searching for it. Pinpointing the intent of your users is [...]

How Content Marketing is Like Public Speaking

Are you scared of content marketing? If the thought of engaging in a content marketing plan is a little overwhelming, maybe that is because it is not unlike public speaking which a lot of people fear. Often, its the case with many SMB owners that they understand their product and the benefits it provides very [...]

5 More Ways to Improve the Value of Your Content

There is good news for marketers that want to enhance the quality of their content: There are many, many ways to do it! Thankfully too, new techniques for enhancing the value and sharability of web content are being discovered all of the time! To pick up where we left off earlier this week, here are [...]

5 Ways to Improve the Value of your Content

Content has always been king, but there has been a dramatic shift in the way businesses create and market content in order to increase conversion rates. As a Texas SEO company and social media agency that helps businesses throughout the U.S. market themselves online, we believe there are two reasons for this shift: 1.) Google [...]

How To Earn Links Through Infographics

Because of Google Panda and Penguin, there is now less value in using anything that could be classified as a “directory” to acquire links, and far more value in earning the links you need for good search rankings. Yes, they have made it harder on us – but thankfully, it is possible to earn links [...]

5 Building Blocks of Content Marketing

There are numerous paths toward achieving your content marketing goals, but before embarking on any of them, one must first understand the building blocks of content marketing. First, a definition: Content marketing is the act of publishing and sharing different types of content on various internet platforms for the purpose of marketing a business. Now, [...]

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