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Top 5 Web Design Mistakes Explained by our Dallas Web Design Team

Small business owners trust their web designers to provide them with sites that will be user-friendly, search engine optimized and primed for conversion. Unfortunately, some web designers can reduce the chances that a website will be a success, by making any of these five mistakes:

Dallas SEO Expert Explains Website Architecture

How important is a website’s architecture, in terms of search engine friendliness? Very, according to some experts. One SEO case study compares designing an e-commerce website to drawing a road map of a metropolitan region: “The biggest roads need to radiate from and connect to the most valuable pages on the site, except that the roads carry link popularity and human visitors, rather than cars,” a Dallas SEO expert said of the study.

Dallas SEO Firm Gets Retailers In Trouble With Google

As it turns out, national retailer JC Penney was in trouble with Google last month, after it hired a Dallas SEO firm that engaged in some underhanded tactics to propel the department store’s pages to the top of Google search results for several shopping-related keywords.