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Increase Conversion Rates for Your e-Commerce Site

If your e-commerce site hasn’t had any conversions (paying customers) for a while, don’t despair; there are things you can do to improve the quality of the user experience and encourage people to buy. Here are a few ideas to help you improve your conversion rate.

No One is Linking to You? Here’s Why

Are you frustrated that no one is linking to your Ecommerce site? Are you under the impression that what you sell isn’t “sexy” enough for anyone to link to you? If so, there’s good news: You’re wrong, at least on the second count. According to leading blog Search Engine Watch, every niche industry website can [...]

Ecommerce Video Marketing Equals Better SEO, More Sales

There are a great many reasons to post videos on your website besides impressing visitors or influencing their time on site. This is especially true if yours is an ecommerce site. Experts say that incorporating some thoughtful video production into an SEO campaign for ecommerce websites can significantly improve search results over the competing sites [...]

Search Engine Optimization goes Hand-in-Hand with Mobile Web Design

If you own an ecommerce site, you can pretty much decide what marketing efforts are worth it by taking a look at your sales. And, if you have a mobile site, then you have probably determined it to be a worthwhile endeavor because your mobile site, if it was designed correctly, has likely brought some [...]

Including Site Search is Part of Smart Website Design

Does your website have its own search engine (also known as “site search”)? That is, does it have a search box on the home page that allows users to search for keyword terms within the site? This is a vital function if your site is an ecommerce website, as it helps people find products quickly [...]

Search Engine Optimization tips for Ecommerce Website Success

Search engine optimization stands in the gap between a flourishing ecommerce business and dismal ecommerce failure. Making sure your entire website, including your home page and product pages, are optimized for search engines is vital if you want to succeed at the ecommerce game.

Good Content Is Still King

Each day it seems that companies selling affordable seo services are coming out with more and more Internet advertising techniques. It seems that as soon as they had perfected pay per click Internet advertising, website video marketing came along to cause another stir in the industry.

Add A Blog To Increase Profit

One of the best ways to that seo ball really rolling for your firm is to add a blog to your website. These are generally easy to install and if you’ve got a stagnant site that doesn’t allow you to change the content on a regular basis, this feature has several advantages.

Website Video Marketing Is The Latest Technique

The best companies that know all about the latest in website seo services are getting involved with website video marketing. And the experts at have been quick to pick up on this trend and they’re offering a compete service that will help any business get the word out in a more direct manner.

Website Video Marketing Is Right Here

Always look for the web promotion company in California that can do the job right and stay in touch with all the recent developments in the industry including website video marketing. And there’s a clear leader where that’s concerned and the name of that place is

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