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Why Facebook Graph Search is Great for Local Business

Since its release, internet marketers are observing numerous examples of how Facebook Graph Search is great for both e-commerce businesses and local brick-and-mortar businesses. No less exciting, is that as usage of the tool progresses over time, savvy internet marketers will find more ways to use it for various social media campaigns. Here is why [...]

Facebook Home For Android: Our Full Recap

Yesterday, Facebook held their highly anticipated Facebook Android event. Social media marketing gurus and mobile app developers alike were excited to see what Mark Zuckerberg & Co. had to announce. Most were speculating that the event would at least reveal some sort of noteworthy update to their mobile app, or possibly even a Facebook-specific phone, [...]

5 Ways to Prepare for the Latest Facebook Changes

Facebook marketing is about to change again, with the introduction of the latest news feed layout that promises larger images, chronologically arranged updates and options that allow users to customize who they see updates from. The consensus in the social media agency sphere is that these are positive changes that can benefit brands – that [...]

How Brands Can Use the New Facebook Layout

Following a highly publicized reveal event last week, another new Facebook layout is on its way! Although it will be a very gradual rollout, the new Facebook News Feed began reaching some users on Thursday, March 7 (live testing began in February, for New Zealand users). Some of the changes we can expect to see [...]

Where Walmart’s Local Facebook Campaign Went Wrong

Remember Walmart’s much-hyped launch of 3,600 Facebook pages last year for its local stores? Well, it turns out those pages have not had much of an impact. In fact, analytics and social media agency says that local Walmart pages on Facebook are not even as popular as the Facebook pages of the independent small [...]

Social Media Expert: Promoted Posts on Facebook Not Always Worth It

There has been a lot of talk recently regarding the effectiveness of Facebook marketing. It should go without saying that every business still needs a Facebook page, but many are questioning whether it is cost-effective to pay for Promoted Posts on Facebook (different than Facebook ads). One social media expert recently cited an anecdote in [...]

Best Practices for the Facebook Timeline

Yes, reports have surfaced that Facebook will be making a few changes to the controversial Timeline format. Despite that, the Timeline is likely here to stay and businesses need to know how to use it to their advantage for social media marketing. If you are tempted to delete your business Facebook page (what Facebook calls [...]

Overdone Facebook Marketing: Too Much of a Good Thing

It seems like only yesterday that social media marketing was a new and exciting opportunity, but by now we should all be experienced enough to know what works and what doesn’t. For example, not every platform serves the same end purpose for each industry, and business owners need a reality check when it comes to [...]

Facebook Page Timelines: A Complete Breakdown For Social Media Clients

You’ve probably noticed that Facebook is about to convert to the Timeline layout with users across the board, including personal profiles and brand pages alike. Hundreds of national brands, celebrities & public figures have already adopted the new page layout & like anything else, its sparking a lot of discussion in the Social Media world.