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SEO Firms Don’t Tattle; they Target and Tackle!

Google’s Webmaster Help service is there to offer assistance to webmasters who legitimately need it, but many use the forum as a way to get Google’s attention and rat out their competitors. Sometimes, claims made in these competitor “reports” are accurate (albeit inappropriately reported), but the overwhelming majority are not. To the dismay of those [...]

SEO Agency Alert: Unlisted Update for Google Panda!

While Google Panda and Penguin have been in effect since 2011, the algorithms are routinely being updated. Then, Google lists the changes that are made in its search quality highlights report. In fact, the report reveals there were more than 65 changes made to Google Panda in August and September. But experts, including the SEO [...]

Should Small Businesses be on Google+?

Google+ just turned one, but its reputation already comes close to that of other social media channels that died a painful death. Google denies this, with claims that Google+ has 75 million daily active users. Regardless, there’s a mutual attitude of “we’re just not that into it” among many social media users, many of whom [...]

The Emanuel Update and Your SEO

There’s big news for the SEO community very recently with the so-called Emanuel update in Google’s algorithm, also being referred to as the “Pirate” update”. This update is gaining much attention among webmasters and SEOs and for very good reason: its one of the first highly-publicized update of its kind in recent history. Now, you [...]

Search Engine Optimization Stuffed Sites Targeted by Google Again

Google’s affinity for naming its preventive initiatives after animals that start with the letter “p” has been confirmed once again, with the company revealing the internal code name “penguin” for the update that was initially called the “overoptimization filter” and later the “webspam algorithm.”

Bing Pays “Tribute” to Google with its Local Search Marketing Display

We often tell our audience that the top search engines are Google, Yahoo! and Bing, but let’s be honest: Most people only care about Google. Bing seems to have figured this out, and so the Microsoft-owned search engine has made its Bing Local display look suspiciously like the local search results display belonging to Google. [...]