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Should You Outsource to Many Digital Marketing “Specialists?”

It is true that while we have doctors who attend to our overall health, we also have specialists who are better at treating specific medical needs. For that reason, some business owners believe they must have a different agency or “specialist” for every aspect of an online marketing campaign. But hiring a different company to [...]

Survey: Online Marketing Embraced by Small Business Owners

It looks like our LA/San Francisco social media team is doing something right; the largest online network of local business owners in the U.S., MerchantCircle, conducted a survey that says so. What did they find? That 70% of their 8,500 small/local business owner members claim to have embraced online marketing.

Put These Social Media Conferences on Your Calendar!

Whether you’re a business owner who wants to stay on the cusp of online marketing, or a social media agency looking to expand your knowledge base, you may want to know about some upcoming social media events and conferences.

Orange County SEO Firm Decodes Good SEO Practices

Our Orange County SEO company stays away from the unsavory practices of the trend known as “Bad SEO” (a term coined by several experts, including ZDNet’s SEO Whistleblower), opting for widely-approved “Good SEO” practices.

Web 2.0 Marketing - Today’s Imperative

In the 21st century, marketing managers need to deploy proper Web 2.0 marketing strategies and techniques as integral components for achieving their long-term goals and objectives. Traditional marketing plans, which have long dominated the world of branding and promotion, fail to produce the desired results in today’s competitive industrial space. Web 2.0 marketing paradigms are [...]

Pay Per Click Advertising - All You Wanted To Know

Internet Marketing: A Cost Effective Technique

In simple terms, internet marketing refers to selling ones products online, whether through one’s own site or sites owned by others. Also known as web marketing or online marketing, internet marketing has emerged as an essential tool for businesses to expand their reach and boost revenues. The instant responses generated by internet marketing have made [...]

How to Make Email Marketing More Effective

Although email marketing has proved to be a strategy with a high ROI (return on investment), its effectiveness appears to be shrinking. According to the results of a research conducted by the Direct Marketing Association, the ROI generated by this marketing effort was $43.62 for every dollar spent on it in 2009. This figure was [...]

Successful Affiliate Marketing

In today’s highly competitive world, companies are fighting to get an edge over their competitors in every sphere, especially marketing. Affiliate marketing involves rewarding affiliates or business partners for every new visitor or customer. This is one of the initiatives increasingly used by companies to promote their products and expand their customer base.

Getting The Most From Website Video Marketing

Everyone that works on the web knows that Internet based business is continually changing so understanding that website video marketing is the latest trend worth looking at should be no surprise.

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