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Pros and Cons of Native Advertising

Once upon a time, advertorials only appeared in newspapers and magazines. Now, they appear online in a new form called native advertising. Although our advertising agency in Austin does not currently offer a native advertising product, the fast rise of native ads is difficult to ignore. So, what are they? In a nutshell, native advertisements [...]

Being Authoritative: It’s More Important than Ever

As most in our Houston SEO audience already know, an authoritative website is one that curries favor with both, human experts and search engines like Google. Being authoritative is not symbolic; it is a very real designation that gives your site clout with Google’s algorithms. Being an industry authority on the Web is what will [...]

New Updates for Google Penguin and Panda

Big changes are coming to Google Penguin and Panda, so we hear! Matt Cutts, Google spokesman and head of webspam, acknowledged that changes are coming to the once-controversial algorithms sometime in the next few weeks, resulting in a huge likelihood of link spammers & sites using black hat SEO to no longer appear in Google [...]

3 SEO Mistakes You Might be Making

If you are enlisting the help of a competent SEO company, you should have nothing to worry about when it comes to the muddier traps of search marketing. But if you have been going it alone up to this point, the unfortunate truth is that you are probably making at least one of these SEO [...]

What Can Small Businesses Learn from the Mistakes of J.C. Penney?

The past marketing troubles of J.C. Penney have been well chronicled. As an established advertising agency in Austin, we were fascinated to learn that it was a Dallas SEO company that landed the major retailer in hot water with Google. The early 2011 incident lead to a very public debate on white hat vs. black [...]

The New ROI: Assigning a Value to Each Customer Action

Recently, we told you that ROI needs to take a backseat to customer-driven value. Now, we’re going to take this idea one step further. After placing a value on each customer a marketing campaign drives, SEO companies can also place a value on each action a customer takes based on their encounter with the campaign. [...]

The Only Content Marketing Strategy You Need

As an advertising agency in Austin that also offers social media agency services, we can nearly guarantee that when you speak with any social media marketing firm, the one service they will certainly offer you is content marketing. That is good, because content marketing is a proven method for helping webmasters increase conversion rates. But [...]

Becoming an Intent Marketer: Identifying User Intent

Recently, we explained that analyzing user intent is one way you can drastically improve the value of your content, but beyond analysis lies implementing actual strategy. Becoming an “intent marketer” means you understand not only what your users are searching for, but why they are searching for it. Pinpointing the intent of your users is [...]

Should You Outsource to Many Digital Marketing “Specialists?”

It is true that while we have doctors who attend to our overall health, we also have specialists who are better at treating specific medical needs. For that reason, some business owners believe they must have a different agency or “specialist” for every aspect of an online marketing campaign. But hiring a different company to [...]

How Social Media Makes a Real Impact for Entrepreneurs

As a Los Angeles social media agency, we have helped many clients leverage social media to their advantage. Normally, the first payoff of a social media campaign is the brand recognition it provides – a big plus for any entrepreneur. But the impact of social media marketing is even greater than getting your name out [...]

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