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Las Vegas Social Media Conference Unveils LinkedIn Talent Pipeline

LinkedIn launched a new service last month called Talent Pipeline, which focuses on helping employers find and place new hires. The announcement of the Talent Pipeline launch was made October 18 at the LinkedIn Talent Connect event in Las Vegas.

Social Media Agency Affiliation Helps You Climb the Social Media Pyramid & Attract Bright New Talent

Attendees at the recent LinkedIn Talent Connect Conference were introduced to a new concept, one that helps companies benchmark their social media presence: the social media pyramid. Lou Adler of The Adler Group, who designed the model, included its unveiling as part of a presentation on how small to medium sized businesses can create a [...]

Las Vegas SEO Conference Lands Google’s Matt Cutts as Keynote Speaker

It was announced late last month that search and social media conference and expo PubCon has booked Google’s Matt Cutts as its keynote speaker for this year’s PubCon Las Vegas 2011, taking place now, November 8 - 10, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Las Vegas Social Media Conference: Digital World Expo this Week!

There’s no denying print media has spent the last several years taking it on the chin. However, titans of print may enjoy a second life in the form of digital media. Some already are, and many more have jumped on the bandwagon by beefing up Web content, adding social media components and turning their websites [...]

Las Vegas Social Media Newcomer Epitomizes Trend

Local journalist-turned Las Vegas social media guru Richard Velotta is excited about Twitter. “Twitter is a great place to tell followers when I hear about breaking tourism news, including things I hear from industry sources and actions that occur at the various public meetings I cover, including the state Gaming Control Board, the Nevada Gaming [...]