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Is Backlinking Dead?

Absolutely not! Good SEO firms know that backlinking still matters for the purposes of achieving favorable search engine rankings. However, Google Penguin has changed the way we acquire links and the sites we strive to acquire them from. Now, the goal is to make sure that the entire backlink profile is populated by organic backlinks [...]

SEO Firms Know: Link Building is Everything

You may already know that link building is the process of acquiring links back to your website. Perhaps you also know that a backlink profile is what Google looks at when it determines how your backlinks (also known as “inbound links”) should affect your search engine rankings. But did you know that your site needs [...]

What is Broken Link Building? SEO Firm Explains

Broken link building is a technique whereby marketers scour through authoritative websites in search of broken links (links that lead to a 404 error page), and then contact the webmaster for that site to request that they direct that link to a relevant page on the inquiring marketer’s website instead. It is becoming a popular [...]

Its Time To “Break” These Link Building Myths

With every discipline’s preferred methodology, there always accompanies some amount of “snake oil”, myth or simply bad advice with it. In internet marketing, the practice of link building is probably most inundated with this phenomenon and there’s no shortage of facepalm-inducing “strategies” that get floated around. Search Engine Land recently identified a few linking myths [...]

What Makes Linkworthy Content Now?

Now that Panda and Penguin are here to stay, what makes linkworthy content this year is different than it was last year. The rules may never stop changing entirely, it seems, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore what makes linkworthy content now; after all, we all still need to earn and build links in [...]

101 Ways to Build Links: The 10 Best

Did you know that there are at least 101 ways to build links? We did! Because a sometimes overlooked SEO metric is backlink diversity, now is the time to study up on the popular and not so popular techniques that actually improve search engine ranking, in the age of Pandas, Penguins. Search Engine Journal recently [...]

3 Ways to Get the Good Links Your SEO Needs

You already know that building links is important for your SEO. But now in the post-Google Penguin age, link building is more important than ever-and a lot trickier than ever before to do correctly. What this really means is, not all links are created equal. Some are better than others, some can actually work against [...]