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Achieving Ranking Diversity with SEO and PPC (w/VIDEOS)

Having served a diverse client base in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, we consider ourselves very fortunate for two main reasons when we get to speak with small and medium sized business owners about search engine marketing. The primary reason we are fortunate, is that even if business owners don’t sign up with [...]

West Coast Trumps the East Coast For Small Business Social Media

The East Coast sometimes gets a lot of credit for being sophisticated, highly educated and better at business than a lot of other areas – but one new study shows that it may actually be the West Coast that takes the cake when it comes to small business savvy in the social media sphere.

Los Angeles Teams Hit Social Media Jackpot During Playoffs

Social media has proven itself powerful in every possible industry, and the sports world is certainly no exception. Locally, teams that play at the Staples Center in Los Angeles – NBA teams the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers, and NHL team the Los Angeles Kings – have all participated in various stages of their respective [...]

Why Customizable Internet Marketing/SEO? Social Media Agency Answers

Why do companies need a web marketing firm that offers customizable services? Does every business need the exact same services all of the time? Of course not. And therein lies the answer.

SEO Tips For SXSW Startups From Our Los Angeles Agency

SXSW continues through this weekend in Austin TX, with the music and film portion rounding out the week. But the real stars of the show were the startups that were unveiled days ago, when the festival kicked off its Interactive Startup Village. One such startup was Yeah Super, which made a name for itself because [...]

Facebook Page Timelines: A Complete Breakdown For Social Media Clients

You’ve probably noticed that Facebook is about to convert to the Timeline layout with users across the board, including personal profiles and brand pages alike. Hundreds of national brands, celebrities & public figures have already adopted the new page layout & like anything else, its sparking a lot of discussion in the Social Media world.

SEO Cost: What Makes SEO Fees Different?

As an established Los Angeles SEO company, we are familiar with inquiries over the cost of SEO services. But the truth is, the cost of SEO depends on many things. It’s a little like buying a hamburger; if you’re happy with a thin patty, a couple of pickles and a little ketchup, then the golden [...]

3 Easy Ways To Make The Most Of Your Facebook Ads

Our Los Angeles social media firm is often asked about Facebook marketing. Since we’re a social media agency that helps businesses make the most of Facebook, we found some suggestions recently posted by SEO Optimise to be useful. A few of our favorites are summarized here:

Recent Changes To Google Privacy Policy, Algorithms and Google Plus

Google has enacted a number of changes in recent weeks, including alterations to its algorithms, a much-publicized streamlining of its privacy policy and a new development for Google Plus. Some information and insights from our Los Angeles SEO firm regarding these changes:

SEO Strategies for 2012: Crest Media’s New Year’s Playbook

If there’s one thing our Los Angeles SEO firm has noticed, it’s that search engine optimization has grown up – a lot. Of course, that’s not to say that bad SEO is eradicated from the landscape, but thanks to efforts like Google Panda and the learning curve of the web population, SEO in 2012 looks [...]

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