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How Responsive Web Design Improves Your ROI

Responsive Web design is now the standard bearer for mobile Web design; our Houston Web design firm has created some outstanding mobile sites for clients using the responsive method. But the advantages of responsive Web design go beyond the product of a user-friendly mobile website. For business owners, there is serious ROI potential associated with [...]

Statistics on Mobile Websites to Motivate Businesses

It has often been said that mobile Web use is expected to surpass desktop use by the end of 2013. Its an interesting claim to make, but what proof do we have? Our Los Angeles Web design firm has been studying the change in trends and believes these mobile Web statistics back up the claim [...]

Designing a Mobile Website: Two Things to Know

The expert consensus is that if you are still holding out on designing a mobile website for your business, you are making a big mistake. With nearly a quarter of all searches being performed on mobile devices, not catering to the mobile-ready demographic is to ignore the fastest growing segment of potential new (and often, [...]

Less SEO, More App Development for Mobile Web Marketing

It’s hard to believe, but one study points out that while mobile search growth is still skyrocketing, search is not the primary activity of mobile users (like it is on desktops). One study shows that right now, apps and direct viewing of websites both trump search on mobile devices.

Mobile Web Design is a Tough Sell, but Worth Buying

As any small business owner knows from talking to web designers, the mobile web is the next big thing. Yes, there is a mobile web now, but until everyone with a URL gets on board it’s not exactly the same web you can access from a desktop. Fortunately, there are tools that are designed to [...]

Responsive Web Design Alternatives; Insights on Mobile Design & SEO

Last week, we talked about responsive web design and what it could mean for your SEO campaign. Now, we’ll delve into responsive web design a little more with some examples – and, for those who aren’t yet equipped to provide it, explore the alternatives to responsive web design.

Responsive Web Design Tips for SEO

Do you know what responsive web design is? As of last month, it is Google’s formal recommendation for mobile delivery. Responsive web design is the principle that a design should be flexible enough to adapt to the screen size and platform of the user.

Search Engine Optimization goes Hand-in-Hand with Mobile Web Design

If you own an ecommerce site, you can pretty much decide what marketing efforts are worth it by taking a look at your sales. And, if you have a mobile site, then you have probably determined it to be a worthwhile endeavor because your mobile site, if it was designed correctly, has likely brought some [...]

Website Design, App Design Both Culprits of Excess Energy Consumption

Better energy efficiency should be a goal of nearly every industry, and information technology (IT) is no exception. There have been many green IT projects circulating throughout the IT community in recent years, but most of them involve disposing of inefficient hardware or infrastructure design – things that the companies would likely do anyways. But [...]

Adobe Shadow is a Giant Leap for Mobile Web Design

Mobile web development is about to get a little easier, thanks to a new mobile website design tool called Shadow. Shadow, a product of San Jose, CA web design software leader Adobe, makes testing a mobile site while it’s still in development an easier task, by enabling users to browse mobile content on a PC [...]

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