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Two More Ways to Improve Your SERP Snippets

Improving your website so that Google will favor it enough to grant you sitelinks in your search listings is a good practice, whether or not you are granted those sitelinks. But there are other ways to make your search engine results page (SERP) listings stand out, by optimizing your SERP snippets (the short lines of [...]

Achieving Ranking Diversity with SEO and PPC (w/VIDEOS)

Having served a diverse client base in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, we consider ourselves very fortunate for two main reasons when we get to speak with small and medium sized business owners about search engine marketing. The primary reason we are fortunate, is that even if business owners don’t sign up with [...]

Orange County SEO Clients: Does Your Firm Optimize Your Site for Conversions?

Or are they simply maintaining it? If it’s the latter, you may wish to seek out other options. Your SEO company should commit to optimizing your website for conversions (the process of turning website visitors into paying customers). That’s really the goal of SEO, so if your SEO provider isn’t delivering; well, it may be [...]

Orange County Social Media Firm Exclusively for Auto Dealers

In years past, car dealerships hung balloons and inflatable animals outside their businesses to entice potential buyers. Today, they post Facebook status updates to fill locals in on slashed prices and other incentives be had. Believe it or not, more dealerships are getting in on the action; in fact, one firm aims to capitalize on [...]

Did Google Just Get More Picky…or More Stupid?

Recent Google algorithm updates beg the question: Do ‘lesser’ search query variables now matter more and why? Its no secret in the SEO field that Google’s recent algorithm changes have dramatically affected many facets of the search industry…

Orange County Web Design: Changing with the Times

Some types of work are permanent – architecture, for example. But as one eloquently (almost poetically!) written article points out, working on the web is an entirely different ballgame.

Favorite New Fonts for Your Web Design

At our Orange County web design company, we don’t mind breaking the mold from time to time - and the fonts we implement into our clients’ websites are no exception…

Orange County SEO Firm Decodes Good SEO Practices

Our Orange County SEO company stays away from the unsavory practices of the trend known as “Bad SEO” (a term coined by several experts, including ZDNet’s SEO Whistleblower), opting for widely-approved “Good SEO” practices.

Web Design in Orange County Is The Best

When you need the kind of excellent work that is really unsurpassed, the hungry business heads for web design in Orange County. When that same business needs a combined punch to push it over the top, they’ll add seo orange county to seal the deal.