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Can You Get a Google Penalty for Short User Comments?

Last year, it was confirmed by Google that there are in fact penalties for site owners who allow users to put spam in their comments. In a previous era of SEO, some site owners may have kept spammy comments with links to other sites simply because they wanted comments, believing that the activity on the [...]

Five Things any San Diego SEO Agency Should be Doing

While it may sound like we’re beating the drum of repetition in posts like these, there are still a great many “SEO experts” out there with no clear baseline strategy for initiating work on literally any site for which they are marketing. Beyond the sales messaging, conversion optimization studies and design reviews, if the site [...]

Does Your San Diego SEO Firm Provide Monthly Campaign Reports?

If your SEO firm is Crest Media, then the answer is yes. If not…

California SEO Advice for Global Tech Giants

Covario, which provides SEO to some of the world’s largest brands, recently reported that two global tech giants tied for first place in a study that analyzed search engine optimization practices.

San Diego Web Design Students Raise Money for Japan Relief

Taking their interest in Japanese culture and causes to the next level, graphical and web design students from Rolondo’s San Diego Platt College held a fundraiser to benefit disaster relief victims in the aftermath of the recent earthquake.

What Does the Future of SEO Hold?

At our San Diego SEO company, clients frequently ask us what the future of search engine marketing holds. After all, they’re a savvy bunch and many of them like to stay on top of the latest trends. Plus, as an end of the year post, we felt this would be a good topic to address, [...]

Social Media for PR?

Do you use social media sites in your PR campaigns? Our San Diego web design company highly recommends it. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter aren’t just notorious time drainers for bored office workers; they’re powerful, effective promotional tools for business owners like you.

Logo Questions? Our San Diego Website Design Team Chimes In

We field a variety of questions from our clients - however, it seems queries are especially plentiful regarding website design and its effect on branding. One topic that frequently surfaces in these discussions is the company logo.