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West Coast Trumps the East Coast For Small Business Social Media

The East Coast sometimes gets a lot of credit for being sophisticated, highly educated and better at business than a lot of other areas – but one new study shows that it may actually be the West Coast that takes the cake when it comes to small business savvy in the social media sphere.

Facebook Page Timelines: A Complete Breakdown For Social Media Clients

You’ve probably noticed that Facebook is about to convert to the Timeline layout with users across the board, including personal profiles and brand pages alike. Hundreds of national brands, celebrities & public figures have already adopted the new page layout & like anything else, its sparking a lot of discussion in the Social Media world.

Is Your San Francisco Web Design Firm Considering SEO & Conversions?

If your web designer is failing to consider search engine optimization and your overall conversion goals, he is doing you a huge disservice. How are some ways web designers overlook these objectives? Just a few examples:

San Francisco Social Media Conference an Opportunity for Insight on Google+

Google wants you to be social – but not too social – when using Google+.

San Francisco Social Media “Influence” Firm Klout Criticized for Making Changes

Klout, the popular social media “influence” firm based in San Francisco, received some criticism this week from users that were unhappy about its recent changes.

San Francisco Social Media Study’s Surprising Conclusion

While the Internet has been hailed as a “digital democracy,” a new study says the Internet is actually dominated by the opinions of rich, powerful people.

Social Media Embraced By Politicians On Both Sides Of The Aisle

To say that social media has exploded is an understatement – and for some people, it’s bordering on old news. Most are aware that politicians have been on the bandwagon for some time now, with Twitter and Facebook accounts that are scrutinized on an almost daily basis (for some lucky public servants, anyway). This is the case on both sides of the aisle, as Republicans and Democrats alike are utilizing social media as a tool for communicating their messages and keeping tabs on public opinion.

San Francisco Social Media Pioneers Buy Social Media Analytics Firm

YouTube is almost synonymous with social media on some levels, and now its founders have purchased a company that makes software to help businesses keep tabs on what’s being said about them – on two other defining names in social media, Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media Agency Fees are a Big Payoff for Small Business

Do you use social media for marketing? One recent survey indicated that the majority of small business owners (70%, to be exact) do. Experts say that over the past year, there has been a 50% increase in the number of small businesses that utilize social media; and in fact, more than half of these same businesses claimed a shockingly low marketing budget of $2,500 dollars annually, or less.

Social Media Agency Workshops: How Much are they Worth?

It’s not just LA and San Francisco social media authorities who are encouraging businesses to get on the bandwagon; at least one East Coast social media agency has figured out that local business owners need to brush up on their social media skills in order to compete in the battle for brand awareness, and is [...]

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