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Mobile Website Design: Top 3 Tips

There’s no denying it: The web has gone mobile and it’s not going back. People still access the web from their home and office computers, of course, but mobile web use has multiplied exponentially and become a choice method when it comes to finding local businesses. For business owners, that means a mobile web marketing [...]

Adobe Systems Finding Success with the Affordable Creative Suite 5.5

This past spring, San Jose web design software giant Adobe Systems introduced an update to Creative Suite software that would allow users to pay for the product as they go. It was clear that the effort sought to boost sales to graphic and web designers on tight budgets.

Social Media Optimization: Facebook-Induced SEO Rankings?

technorati claim token: TKSPEBYA2RN9 Do Facebook shares contribute to search rankings? One San Jose Web Design and SEO expert seems to think so, or at least believes there is some correlation. “It’s probably not a direct contribution but it might have some nebulous impact,” Brandon Schwartz of writes. “I think that two things are [...]

San Jose Web Design Clients: Alive Chat Expands to Your City

You love chat technology; and now, the fastest growing Live Chat software company in the US responds to the demand for ultimate Live Chat solution known as Alive Chat with the opening of a west coast office in San Jose. The Live Chat company headquarters will still be in Houston, Texas with a satellite office [...]