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Recent Changes To Google Privacy Policy, Algorithms and Google Plus

Google has enacted a number of changes in recent weeks, including alterations to its algorithms, a much-publicized streamlining of its privacy policy and a new development for Google Plus. Some information and insights from our Los Angeles SEO firm regarding these changes:

SEO is Not Spam, Says Google’s Matt Cutts

Spam is term with a pretty broad definition these days, but at least we can rule out one component from its meaning: SEO. Google recently “made it official” that SEO is not spam, with Web spam department head Matt Cutts addressing the issue once and for all in a video circulating throughout industry blogs.

Social Media Roundup: Big Announcements From Facebook and Google!

Anyone in the Internet Marketing world has likely been engulfed in recent news regarding Facebook & Google’s Social Media developments. We’ve certainly been taking notes on all the buzz surrounding both firms & now that we’ve had a chance to digest both the official and unofficial stories about each, we’re ready to report on what’s [...]

Google Algorithm Change Puts One More Arrow in Your Quiver

Our Los Angeles SEO company recently learned about an exciting development at Google. The change to the search engine’s algorithm operations, known as the “content farm algorithm,” is getting the attention of geek sites and Web watchers everywhere – and we thought you should know about it too.

San Francisco SEO Conference: What We Learned for You!

What can’t you do with SEO? For all types of enterprisers - from bloggers to business owners to basket weavers - the possibilities are endless. While the landscape is always changing, SEO experts have the monopoly on nailing down the most effective trends; and who better for you to glean info from than us?

Orange County SEO Firm Decodes Good SEO Practices

Our Orange County SEO company stays away from the unsavory practices of the trend known as “Bad SEO” (a term coined by several experts, including ZDNet’s SEO Whistleblower), opting for widely-approved “Good SEO” practices.

Internet Marketing: A Cost Effective Technique

In simple terms, internet marketing refers to selling ones products online, whether through one’s own site or sites owned by others. Also known as web marketing or online marketing, internet marketing has emerged as an essential tool for businesses to expand their reach and boost revenues. The instant responses generated by internet marketing have made [...]

Honeymoon With Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization techniques are no more industry secrets. Websites, and even blogs, use keywords to enjoy higher search rankings. The term ‘SEO honeymoon’ was coined to emphasize a specific phase during a website life cycle when SEO strategies bear maximum results. Basic understanding of SEO techniques can earn you an exciting honeymoon period, in [...]

Social Bookmarking Can Get You Links

There’s been a lot written about the pros and cons of using social bookmarking as an means of Internet advertising and there are debates about how the best website seo services can go about utilizing this latest fad.

All About That Targeted Traffic

When you start working on the Internet, you’ll find there is a an esoteric lingo that that the Southern California website design company that you’ve hired uses, and at first phrases like targeted traffic might seem strange and foreign. Well, its important that people looking to use search engine marketing in Los Angeles know something [...]

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