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Improving Your SERP Listings with Google Sitelinks

Now that many search engine results pages on Google have gone from featuring ten listings to only seven, it is more important than ever for SEO companies to focus on getting their clients on the first page of Google – and, also more important than ever to make your SERP snippets (the lines of text [...]

DIY SEO Tips for First Timers

Some SEO companies will tell you there is no way you can do any measure of search engine optimization on your own. But our Houston SEO company is different. We have no problem handing out a couple of tips to those on a tight budget, especially because we know that it could give them good [...]

SEO Agency Alert: Unlisted Update for Google Panda!

While Google Panda and Penguin have been in effect since 2011, the algorithms are routinely being updated. Then, Google lists the changes that are made in its search quality highlights report. In fact, the report reveals there were more than 65 changes made to Google Panda in August and September. But experts, including the SEO [...]

101 Ways to Build Links: The 10 Best

Did you know that there are at least 101 ways to build links? We did! Because a sometimes overlooked SEO metric is backlink diversity, now is the time to study up on the popular and not so popular techniques that actually improve search engine ranking, in the age of Pandas, Penguins. Search Engine Journal recently [...]

Writing SEO Friendly Web Page Titles

The title of your web page is the most important piece of content in terms of SEO. That’s because the HTML Title is the text within the “<title>” tag that can be found on the head of the HTML code, and it is the most prominent element that appears in search results. There are secondary [...]

3 Things to Ask Before Hiring an SEO

Let’s be honest: Hiring an SEO provider is not always a fun process. There’s so much competitive clamor throughout the industry; plus, SEO takes time to see results. There are a few universal questions (directives, actually) you can ask any SEO before hiring them, though, to screen them for general industry knowledge and effectiveness. Here [...]

3 Ways to Get the Good Links Your SEO Needs

You already know that building links is important for your SEO. But now in the post-Google Penguin age, link building is more important than ever-and a lot trickier than ever before to do correctly. What this really means is, not all links are created equal. Some are better than others, some can actually work against [...]

Have a Safe and Sane SEO Summer

What can send you into a panic when it comes to SEO? For many business owners, it’s seeing that a keyword they thought was their ticket to good rankings has dropped off the radar. For others, it’s seeing a significant decline in traffic. In any case, remember: there are not many true SEO problems, and [...]

Search Engine Optimization goes Hand-in-Hand with Mobile Web Design

If you own an ecommerce site, you can pretty much decide what marketing efforts are worth it by taking a look at your sales. And, if you have a mobile site, then you have probably determined it to be a worthwhile endeavor because your mobile site, if it was designed correctly, has likely brought some [...]

Los Angeles Teams Hit Social Media Jackpot During Playoffs

Social media has proven itself powerful in every possible industry, and the sports world is certainly no exception. Locally, teams that play at the Staples Center in Los Angeles – NBA teams the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers, and NHL team the Los Angeles Kings – have all participated in various stages of their respective [...]

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