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Video Marketing: Not Always Trendy, but Always a Smart Investment

Digital marketers, i.e. brands and the firms they hire to help them increase conversion rates, are inundated with content about which trends they should be following. But one recent survey of digital marketers revealed that not everyone is on board with what’s trendy, and it happens to be working for them.

3 Tips on YouTube Marketing for Businesses

Contrary to pop culture notions, YouTube isn’t just a fun diversion that feeds you a daily dose of cute cats, dumb stunts and adorable kids under the influence of dental anesthesia. Just as its counterparts Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have multiple purposes for personal and professional use, YouTube can also be quite valuable as both [...]

Social Video: The Marketing Channel You Can’t Afford To Ignore [eBook]

If you’ve ever wondered how online video marketing through social media can work as a valuable digital marketing tool, then this eBook is definitely for you! We’d like to share what we feel is a virtual crash course on the how’s, why’s and what’s of video marketing. We even break down how social video marketing [...]

How-To: Social Video Marketing [w/VIDEO]

An argument can be made that social media without content marketing, can look and feel a lot like spam. At the heart of this point, “socializing” without the benefit of anything important to say is the marketing equivalent of small talk: speaking a lot, without saying much.

YouTube Redesign to Provoke Shift for Social Media Marketing through Video Production

The latest social media platform to launch a redesign? YouTube, of course. The online mecca for video production enthusiasts launched a complete redesign on December 1, with emphasis on social networking integration and using the power of algorithms to figure out what videos you’ll like. What’s included in the YouTube redesign?

Los Angeles SEO Tips for Video Production

If your business isn’t taking advantage of online video marketing, it’s seriously missing the boat. Even small businesses are learning that online video is a valuable marketing tool in today’s small competitive environment. A Revolutionary Video Marketing Tool

Online video sharing is obviously nothing new, but our Los Angeles videography team heard about one new service that has people talking. It’s called, and we’re told it will completely revamp online video workflow…

Los Angeles Video Production Secret: Create YouTube Video to Spread Message!

Our Los Angeles video production team has helped clients use YouTube as a marketing tool for several years now; so, they’re more than qualified to share their inside knowledge with you.

Getting The Most From Website Video Marketing

Everyone that works on the web knows that Internet based business is continually changing so understanding that website video marketing is the latest trend worth looking at should be no surprise.