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Does Your San Diego SEO Firm Provide Monthly Campaign Reports?

If your SEO firm is Crest Media, then the answer is yes. If not…

Well, there’s no better time than the new year to start fresh with your online marketing efforts. What’s that? You’re happy with your current San Diego SEO company? But are they really helping you attain higher search engine rankings? The only verifiable way to find out is through analytical reports.

If your SEO provider can’t furnish you with monthly reports that divulge the effectiveness of your SEO campaign, then it’s time to find a company that can – a company like ours. Crest Media offers 100% transparency to small business owners like you, with monthly analytical reports that reveal all the relevant data of your search marketing campaign.

Our reports tell you what strategies worked, and what strategies didn’t. From keywords to backlinks, you’ll know how effective our efforts are, for every month you remain our San Diego SEO client. We use the information in these reports to advise you regarding search engine optimization strategy throughout the duration of the campaign, and adjust those strategies as needed.

Some agencies hope you’ll never check your search engine rankings – not us. Some agencies want to take your money, throw your pages up and never contact you again – definitely not Crest Media. Instead, we offer monthly SEO analytic reports so that our San Diego SEO clients can be strategic partners in their own online marketing campaigns. To discuss your options for totally transparent SEO services, contact Crest Media today. We look forward to answering your questions!

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