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Ecommerce Video Marketing Equals Better SEO, More Sales

Ecommerce Video MarketingThere are a great many reasons to post videos on your website besides impressing visitors or influencing their time on site. This is especially true if yours is an ecommerce site. Experts say that incorporating some thoughtful video production into an SEO campaign for ecommerce websites can significantly improve search results over the competing sites that don’t, and ultimately increase sales.

Reasons for this include:

  • Videos help shoppers make buying decisions.
  • Videos that you make help establish you as an expert in your field.
  • Videos that accompany text make the web page more unique.
  • Videos are tailor made for social media sharing.

But what types of videos should you put on your ecommerce site for the sake of your SEO and sales objectives? Here are a few ideas:

Branding – Post a company overview video to show people what you’re all about.

Testimonials – Customer testimonials are the key to making people feel comfortable buying from you.

Demonstrations – Product demonstrations or service demonstrations take out all the questions people have before purchasing.

Other product videos – How to use it, how to assemble it, how to install it…anything you’re your customer may want to know once he makes the purchase.

Spokespeople – If you have any noteworthy customers and you feel comfortable asking them for a video endorsement, go ahead and do it! Local celebrities are great if you are a local business. Another example is someone who is on top in their industry: If you sell motocross gear, ask one of your customers who has made their mark in the sport to give a quick video endorsement.

These are just a few ideas for videos that make great SEO boosting content. They help your SEO because they are highly searchable; be sure to post them on YouTube as well as your website, and get them out there on social media so people start sharing. All of this will improve your SEO – and yes, your sales.

For website video production services, contact Crest Media Internet Marketing. We can shoot, direct and place a video on your ecommerce website so that it starts working for you right away.

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