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Five Things any San Diego SEO Agency Should be Doing

SEO PrinciplesWhile it may sound like we’re beating the drum of repetition in posts like these, there are still a great many “SEO experts” out there with no clear baseline strategy for initiating work on literally any site for which they are marketing. Beyond the sales messaging, conversion optimization studies and design reviews, if the site doesn’t rank at all, most other campaign metrics become much harder to measure, as poor ranking sites also have little or no traffic to study. There are (at least) five things every SEO agency needs to do for its clients’ websites. They’re pretty basic, but they’re mandatory if engaging in even the most rudimentary of organic campaigns & should be done diligently, regardless of the strategies and successes of any concurrent link-building efforts. Check them out:

1. Use valuable keywords. This seems like a no-brainer, but in an Internet culture that’s trying to clean itself up (don’t get us wrong, that’s a good thing), targeting relevant & high-value keywords are becoming less of a focus (and that’s not a good thing). It is possible to have your cake and eat it too when it comes to keywords, by implementing keywords that are relevant to the content being written and relevant to the users reading the content. The essential thing to remember is to not use your targeted keywords too much, or insert them into your content wherever possible, regardless of readability. A keyword density of 2-3% is all that’s needed to for good search engine optimization, especially if you plan to start a blog on your site that will use those keywords too. Its also important to include as many known “moderately valued” or better synonyms of your targeted keywords, to improve relevancy, as topical searching habits can vary significantly in different user groups. Lets not forget too, that search engines display drastically different search results, based on the formality or accuracy of the syntax used in each search query. This is one reason why SEO specialists say its okay for language used in blog content to be less formal than the content on primary website pages.

2. Build the site for the crawlers. Anyone who optimizes your website should be familiar with “spiders,” which are robots that act as “crawlers” of the Internet in search of specific attributes within websites – attributes that will help those websites rank well in search engines for specific keyword terms. The characteristics that help the spiders index your website to the appropriate search results page are title tags, meta tags, inbound links & internal cross-links that make it easy for pages to be found, keyword-rich anchor text in those links and unique site maps for visitors & search engines alike. Your San Diego SEO company should know exactly what those things are, and they should be prepared to make sure those they are all part of your website’s infrastructure.

3. Implement search engine friendly coding: Coding is the reason that most business owners outsource their web development. It’s something you want to leave to the professionals. Just make sure your professionals know what they’re doing when it comes to making your coding SEO friendly. Your coding needs to be primed for search engines, which means it can’t be excessively complex or even too simplistic. There’s a way to strike a perfect balance between the right coding practices to make a site run well and the right coding practices to make a site rank well, and a good SEO agency will know how to do that.

4. Write unique content: Your website text, also known as web content (these are just fancy ways to say the words you use on your website) must be unique on each page of the website if you want your site to rank well in search engines. Duplicate content (copying and pasting text from one page to another or writing text that’s too similar to the text of another page) isn’t going to be rewarded by Google, Yahoo! or Bing. While policies of those companies state that sites supposedly are not necessarily “penalized” with invisibly-low rankings, in instances where a certain piece of content’s true origin is undetectable, no page that contains said content can truly be given an authoritative edge over others. Make sure your San Diego SEO agency knows how you feel about this issue; it’s important for them to know what you expect of them when it comes to content writing.

5. Vary the content: Updating (also known as “refreshing”) your web content on a regular basis improves your search engine rankings. Consider that Google notes in their own blogs that they have an algorithmic element called “query-deserved freshness”, which states that as the volume of searches for a given keyword or topic increases, the site(s) with with the most recent content updates on that topic or keyword will get an extra push over pages with topical content updated less recently. An easily notable example of this would be how the bigger any news story gets in terms of user interest and search volume, the more articles get created about that story that are relevant to the story in question. One great way strategize for this is by starting a blog. A good SEO firm will start a blog on your site to improve your rankings for the keyword terms that are most valuable to your business.

To speak with a San Diego SEO agency that understands these principles and abides by them for every client, contact Crest Media today.

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