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How a Social Media Agency Can Help with Brand Shaping

Brand Shaping with Social MediaEven when you spend years dreaming up a business concept, branding your company is not always easy. Some startups struggle with branding for the first several months after their launch – and in some cases, by the time they finish shaping their brand, it’s already too late. Investors drop out because they don’t see the company going anywhere, and all because there is no clear brand established. That’s why shaping your brand in the early days after your launch is key.

There is a great deal of lofty terminology for the techniques involved with brand shaping: “building mindshare,” “establishing thought leadership,” etc. But the bottom line is that the brand you choose to go with must be consistently communicated across every platform. This is achieved by making all your messaging consistent.

In all the content you produce both online and off, everything must match up in order for it to properly and effectively shape your brand. That means the content should be written by the same person or like-minded team of professionals. Even when the content is all written and there is no actual “face” representing the brand, the audience can connect with a person who speaks to them the same way every time. Then, make sure that metaphorical face is in all the right places: your main website, your blog, industry blogs and social media.

As mentioned, this face should be a professional one. It pays to hire a professional to produce your content. If you are apprehensive to place your content in the hands of someone outside your industry, you can write it yourself and then let the social media agency’s content writer clean it up so that it is concise and free from grammatical errors. A brand that is producing unreadable content all over the Internet is going nowhere fast, but one that stays on point with clean, readable content written by a professional SEO and social media agency gets noticed (in a good way).

Of course, leveraging all the opportunities that are available to you is the next logical step. That goes beyond blog posts and Facebook and into sites like Pinterest, which can boost your results on Google Image search. It means putting your face or another trusted member of your team in videos that represent your brand well, perhaps reading scripts written by your social media agency. It means getting serious about search from the get-go, so that your emerging competitors don’t stand a chance (even if you believe your business is “the first of its kind,” you still have competitors).

Branding has become the pinnacle of good inbound marketing in the new media age, but the truth is, it has always been around. We just have a name for it now. We all have to do it in order to be successful, so we may as well do it right.

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