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How Responsive Web Design Improves Your ROI

Responsive Web Design For ROIResponsive Web design is now the standard bearer for mobile Web design; our Houston Web design firm has created some outstanding mobile sites for clients using the responsive method. But the advantages of responsive Web design go beyond the product of a user-friendly mobile website. For business owners, there is serious ROI potential associated with using responsive Web design to create mobile websites. Consider these profitable advantages:

A Better Brand

Before responsive Web design, it was not unusual for brands to feature one set of content on desktop sites, and another (very limited) set of content on mobile sites. This compromised brand shaping objectives, and often, the mobile content was inferior to the desktop content. Now, responsive Web design allows you to place the same content on your desktop and mobile sites, which helps you present more consistent messaging and a more uniform brand – leading to an increase in conversion rates and better profits.

Time Efficiency

When you use responsive Web design to create a mobile site, you can improve efficiency and productivity for the long run. When you create content, you will only need to develop the same piece of content once for all your platforms, rather than multiple times for multiple platforms. Time is money, right? When you hire a high end Web design firm to create your mobile site with responsive Web design, you can recover hours of productivity on a weekly basis. This can easily translate into better profits for your business.

Investment Longevity

Since responsive Web design is the most recently implemented technology for mobile Web development, it is more scalable and can extend the life of your investment in your mobile site. You may need to invest in moderate maintenance as time goes on, but the majority of the work is done for your mobile site because you wisely chose to adopt the highest standard for the design process.

Streamlined SEO

Before responsive Web design, brands would develop separate mobile sites with a unique URL for each; however, the content was similar, if not identical, on each site. This is dangerous because duplicate content is penalized by search engines. With a responsive web design, all of a brand’s sites for each device are registered to a single URL. This improves page rank and overall SEO performance.

Better Analytics

Analyzing the performance of a mobile site is easier when the site was developed using responsive Web design. Providing analytics services to one set of URLs, as opposed to numerous independent site addresses, is easier for your SEO company or social media agency. They can run the same tests across all your device platforms, and aggregate all the data in a single report to you – and if they are using Google Analytics, you will be able to see the data tracked for each device operating system.

Responsive Web Design Advantages

These are among the numerous benefits to using responsive Web design, and they all boil down to increasing ROI. For more information on developing a mobile website, contact the Houston Web design team at Crest Media.

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