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Is Your San Francisco Web Design Firm Considering SEO & Conversions?

If your web designer is failing to consider search engine optimization and your overall conversion goals, he is doing you a huge disservice. How are some ways web designers overlook these objectives? Just a few examples:

Too-complicated web designs: Too much flash animation and all over the place navigation both contribute to complicated web design that puts a lid on your search marketing initiatives. If a web designer doesn’t understand why you want to keep it simple, it may be best to move on.

Too-simplistic web designs: Likewise, a three page website with no capacity for adding on SEO landing pages or a blog is not a good thing either. Make sure your San Francisco web design firm can and will add a blogging function, and ask about an arrangement for adding on landing pages as you become more familiar with keyword and linking strategies. He should be able to provide those things – if he wants to keep you as a client, that is.

Abandoning ship: Even if you have already hired an SEO company, your San Francisco web design firm isn’t out of the woods once the site is launched. Sometimes, an SEO provider has questions regarding the design of the site, especially if something goes wrong during programming. To avoid problems that can’t be fixed, make sure your web designer will offer some level of support after the site launch. This is why hiring a fly-by-night web designer is never a good idea.

Guess who isn’t a fly-by-night web designer? Crest Media, a San Francisco web design firm that can address your web design and SEO needs all under one umbrella. From designing your site, to building it out, to going live and implementing/maintaining your SEO campaigns – or, just giving your existing website a facelift – we do it all. Honestly, why would you go anywhere else? Contact us today to share your web design goals with us and hear more about what we can offer. We believe you’ll be pleased…and we hope that you’ll opt to place your website design in our hands.

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