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Las Vegas Social Media Conference Unveils LinkedIn Talent Pipeline

LinkedIn Talent Connect Panelists At The Recent Las Vegas Social Media ConferenceLinkedIn launched a new service last month called Talent Pipeline, which focuses on helping employers find and place new hires. The announcement of the Talent Pipeline launch was made October 18 at the LinkedIn Talent Connect event in Las Vegas.

Currently, major companies use social media activity feeds to gain leads regarding new talent, by gathering resumes from multiple job board services and communicating with potential hires directly through messaging systems on the sites. The Talent Pipeline concept streamlines all job recruiting elements into a single database of information, which can be searched, organized and monitored for recruiter convenience.

It also allows recruiters to import leads and resumes from any source – for example, message boards, job postings, personal referrals – which can then be organized using tags, sources, status updates and custom search reports. The service searches recruiting data within LinkedIn’s database of profiles, so it makes the process of monitoring the professional social media activity of potential hires easier.

LinkedIn Talent PipelineAnother interesting feature is that recruiters can also use Talent Pipeline to fill positions in-house, as well as making it easier for current employees to discover new promotion opportunities. In regards to candidates from outside, it may also increase the chance that passive job seekers will be added to the pool based solely on their qualifications as opposed to the need to find employment (this is a plus for employers who engage in “talent poaching”). This is a whole new definition of “social media agency” – as in, a social media tool that acts as a virtual employment agency, one that so far looks cooler than anything offered by sites of the Monster variety.

Prior to the launch, LinkedIn worked with recruiters from PepsiCo, Pfizer, Red Hat, First Citizens Bank and Netflix to develop and refine the LinkedIn Talent Pipeline service. Although critics say that Talent Pipeline may sometimes produce results that LinkedIn isn’t betting on, such as users becoming more cautious with their activity to avoid recruitment messages of the spam variety, the company appears optimistic that these issues will either not occur or just work themselves out over time. Facebook, Twitter and MySpace all served as unsavory spam venues in their early stages, but much of that has long since passed, so perhaps Talent Pipeline will see the success that LinkedIn is hoping for. If you attended this Las Vegas social media conference or you have some insights on LinkedIn’s Talent Pipeline, feel free to sound off in our comments section.

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