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Overdone Facebook Marketing: Too Much of a Good Thing

It seems like only yesterday that social media marketing was a new and exciting opportunity, but by now we should all be experienced enough to know what works and what doesn’t. For example, not every platform serves the same end purpose for each industry, and business owners need a reality check when it comes to knowing where to draw the line on efforts like Facebook marketing.

Of course, every business needs to be on Facebook. What every business does not need, though, is to promote its Facebook page so much that consumers get the idea that visiting the Facebook page is more important than visiting the website. For instance, businesses that plug the company Facebook page on TV commercials, radio ads and print ads (“Like us on Facebook!” “Find us on Facebook!” “Visit our Facebook page!”) with reckless abandon, all in the name of hitting an arbitrary number of fans/friends, many (or even most) of whom may not actually purchase anything.

The hard truth is that if you follow this failed social media marketing method, Facebook – not your company – will be the entity that reaps the most benefits in from your promotion. As one smart social media marketing writer said recently, “If you’re not careful, your Facebook marketing just markets Facebook!”

So, are we advocating abandoning your Facebook marketing efforts? Not at all! Instead, use your Facebook profile as a gateway to send more qualified visitors (people who are likely to support your business with their purchases) over to your site, so they can make those purchases and you can profit. Do this by putting coupons, tips and other valuable tidbits on your Facebook page – anything that inspires people to go one step further to click through to your site (or visit your business, if you have a storefront).

Making Facebook a portal (one of many portals) to your business is the key to using it effectively. When you’re doing social media marketing, Facebook or any other social media site should never be the end destination – just a gateway.

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