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What is Inbound Marketing?

Marketing To User IntentJust when you thought you knew every digital marketing term there was to know, another one emerges. This time, it is inbound marketing. Fortunately, inbound marketing is not a hard concept to grasp; in fact, it is comprised of techniques you are (hopefully) already doing.


Becoming an Intent Marketer: Identifying User Intent

Marketing To User IntentRecently, we explained that analyzing user intent is one way you can drastically improve the value of your content, but beyond analysis lies implementing actual strategy. Becoming an “intent marketer” means you understand not only what your users are searching for, but why they are searching for it. Pinpointing the intent of your users is important because when you understand why someone wants what you have, you can better target certain groups of prospects.


How Content Marketing is Like Public Speaking

Content Marketing Like Public SpeakingAre you scared of content marketing? If the thought of engaging in a content marketing plan is a little overwhelming, maybe that is because it is not unlike public speaking which a lot of people fear. Often, its the case with many SMB owners that they understand their product and the benefits it provides very well, but they don’t always understand how to address (and listen to) their potential client base or discover their website users’ intent. Because of this, good content marketing as it applies to addressing potential clients’ needs and situations is very much like speaking to any audience. Here are a few ways in which the two activities overlap:


Statistics on Mobile Websites to Motivate Businesses

Mobile Web StatsIt has often been said that mobile Web use is expected to surpass desktop use by the end of 2013. Its an interesting claim to make, but what proof do we have? Our Los Angeles Web design firm has been studying the change in trends and believes these mobile Web statistics back up the claim pretty substantially. Hopefully, these statistics will also help motivate those businesses that have yet to optimize their sites for mobile use and capture their potential clients who are searching on the go.


5 More Ways to Improve the Value of Your Content

Embracing Content Marketing ImprovementsThere is good news for marketers that want to enhance the quality of their content: There are many, many ways to do it! Thankfully too, new techniques for enhancing the value and sharability of web content are being discovered all of the time! To pick up where we left off earlier this week, here are five more methods a social media agency may employ to give your content the boost it needs, so that it will look good for Google and be more valuable to users. (You can check out our first of this week’s 2 posts on content marketing optimization here.)


Two More Ways to Improve Your SERP Snippets

SERP Snippet ImprovementImproving your website so that Google will favor it enough to grant you sitelinks in your search listings is a good practice, whether or not you are granted those sitelinks. But there are other ways to make your search engine results page (SERP) listings stand out, by optimizing your SERP snippets (the short lines of text that appear in your SERP listings). For those that are new to DIY SEO, here are two more ways to make your SERP snippets stand out and get the attention of users.


5 Ways to Improve the Value of your Content

Content ImprovementsContent has always been king, but there has been a dramatic shift in the way businesses create and market content in order to increase conversion rates. As a Texas SEO company and social media agency that helps businesses throughout the U.S. market themselves online, we believe there are two reasons for this shift: 1.) Google Panda/Google Penguin, and 2.) the weight that social media now carries in the digital marketing universe. As more companies shift their budgets to make room for social media efforts, the need to create valuable content becomes more compelling.


Improving Your SERP Listings with Google Sitelinks

Crest Media Google SitelinksNow that many search engine results pages on Google have gone from featuring ten listings to only seven, it is more important than ever for SEO companies to focus on getting their clients on the first page of Google – and, also more important than ever to make your SERP snippets (the lines of text that appear in your listings on search engine results pages, or SERP) more attention-grabbing and Google-friendly than ever. To make your SERP snippets stand out, you can put a few different tools into practice. First, though, here are some things to note about how Google treats your SERP snippet:


Facebook Home For Android: Our Full Recap

Facebook HomeYesterday, Facebook held their highly anticipated Facebook Android event. Social media marketing gurus and mobile app developers alike were excited to see what Mark Zuckerberg & Co. had to announce. Most were speculating that the event would at least reveal some sort of noteworthy update to their mobile app, or possibly even a Facebook-specific phone, as has been the assumption for previous Facebook Android events. As it turns out, the event revealed both, but left some observers still feeling a little underwhelmed.


DIY SEO Tips for First Timers

DIY SEO TipsSome SEO companies will tell you there is no way you can do any measure of search engine optimization on your own. But our Houston SEO company is different. We have no problem handing out a couple of tips to those on a tight budget, especially because we know that it could give them good results that allow for an expanded SEO budget later. With that being said, here are our three DIY tips for getting started with SEO:


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