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Should Your Business be on the New MySpace?

Myspace is back, emerging from beta as of this week. It has been rebranded as a social entertainment network aimed at the Gen Y audience, with a focus on immersive photos and a layout that has been called “Pinterest meets Tumblr.” For those who are looking to build their networks quickly, Myspace is making it easy by allowing users to connect their profiles to Facebook and Twitter.

But the question is, does your business belong there? Your Los Angeles social media agency may recommend it, but only if you fit specific criteria. For some small businesses, it could be worth a try to have a presence on the new Myspace (after all, don’t Gen Y-ers have money to spend?). But as you will see in a moment, it is a very niche category of businesses that will fit in there. Here are the options for identifying yourself when you sign up for the new Myspace:

One of MySpace’s 2013 Profile Setup Screens. (Source: MySpace)

As you can see, the “personal” account type definition of the old Myspace is no more, which signifies the decidedly creative bent the new Myspace is taking. So the message the revamped social media site is sending appears to be: If you fit any of these descriptions, you belong here. Everyone else: This may not be the place for you.

Clearly, the options for identifying yourself on the new Myspace are most relevant to creative entrepreneurs with ambitious personal brands. Businesses that do not fit those descriptions will most likely not fit in on the new Myspace. But that’s nothing to be disappointed over, and here’s why.

MySpace’s new music & artist -centric homepage. (Source: MySpace)

For one thing, the new platform promotes a massive focus on music, wherein users can add songs and mixes to their profiles. If you don’t feel that incorporating music into your profile is consistent with your brand, you are not as likely to make connections on the new Myspace anyway. And yes, status updates from Myspace can now be shared on Facebook and Twitter. But if you are already active on those platforms, integrating your Myspace updates isn’t likely to enhance your presence on either of them.

As a Los Angeles social media agency that helps brands of all types find their footing on social platforms, we can say with confidence that it is okay if your brand doesn’t fit in on the new Myspace. We recommend allocating your social media agency budget to a handful of carefully selected channels, where you can strategically craft networks of engaged users who fit into your target audience.

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