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Survey: Blogging is now “Critical” to the Success of Businesses

Our advertising agency in Austin has long advocated the importance of every business properly maintaining a blog; in fact, we provide blogging as a service to make the process easier. Now, there are numbers that show us most business owners agree. A Hubspot survey reports that 65% of businesses marketing online also have a blog; just two years before, the number of businesses that blogged was just under half at 48%. Considering these figures, it seems logical to conclude that even more businesses will wake up to the effectiveness of blogs as time goes on – perhaps to the point that all businesses marketing themselves online will incorporate a blog into their strategies.

Why is this Important?

Over half of businesses that maintain a company blog have acquired customers from leads generated directly from their blogs. That figure is courtesy of the Hubspot survey, which found that to be the case for 57% of businesses that own a blog. Many of the survey respondents (27%) identified the company blog as “critical” to their businesses, and far more (85%) labeled their blogs as “useful.” Any business that is not yet blogging should consider these statistics, because their competitors are likely included in one of those categories.

The Best Blogging Formats

There are plenty of top five lists that rank the reasons business owners would prefer not to blog. Far and away, the most common reason is “not having anything to say.” If you can relate, fear not; we’re coming to your rescue. These bulletpoints offer enough format examples for at least one month’s worth of engaging, informative blog posts:

  • A top five list relevant to the industry
  • Debunking the top three myths among customers
  • Answering a common customer question
  • Answering a unique customer question
  • Telling a personal anecdote the audience will relate to

Where does it end?

When does it become no longer necessary for a business to update its blog? Ideally, never. A brand should want to engage its audience indefinitely, for the duration of the time it remains in operation. The world’s largest companies understand this, no matter how much they have saturated their markets.

Understandably, business owners may eventually tire of doing the heavy lifting when it comes to maintaining a blog. That’s where a good marketing firm can be of service. Crest Media, an established advertising agency in Austin, offers a blogging service for small to mid-sized businesses from all types of industries.

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