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The Only Content Marketing Strategy You Need

Inside BloggingAs an advertising agency in Austin that also offers social media agency services, we can nearly guarantee that when you speak with any social media marketing firm, the one service they will certainly offer you is content marketing. That is good, because content marketing is a proven method for helping webmasters increase conversion rates. But just calling anything and everything “content marketing” is no promise of success. As Michael Brito of Search Engine Journal wrote recently, content marketing means nothing without a strategy.

Strategy=Applying Your Narrative

Strategy is important because it is the application of your narrative, and narrative is what injects life into a brand. In other words, you have to tell a story. Whatever story you decide to tell, that is your narrative; it should be at the core of everything you share, link to and say on social media. When you draw up a content strategy, the #1 priority on the checklist should be to determine your narrative. Once that is done, you simply need to create and share content that fits that narrative. That is a truth that socially successful brands understand.

Moving Beyond Buzzwords

If you can manage to move beyond the buzzwords (yes, content marketing is one of them) and decide what story you want to tell, that is all the strategy you need. When you know your narrative, you can easily search for content that fits into it – content that can influence the behavior of the consumers you are targeting. That is the goal of your content marketing campaign, isn’t it – to increase your conversion rate, get the phone ringing and sign up more real customers?

What story will you tell?

If you make every social media status update and blog post line up with the story you want to tell, you can have more influence over the audience and increase the likelihood that they will convert. That is why developing a narrative is, really, the only content marketing strategy you need. To meet with an advertising agency in Austin that can help you determine the story you want to tell, contact Crest Media for a free phone consultation.

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