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Top 5 Web Design Mistakes Explained by our Dallas Web Design Team

Small business owners trust their web designers to provide them with sites that will be user-friendly, search engine optimized and primed for conversion. Unfortunately, some web designers can reduce the chances that a website will be a success, by making any of these five mistakes:

Poor Navigation

Poor navigation frustrates the user and makes search engine crawlers confused. Rather than allowing your visitor to think that you’re just as disorganized as your website, view a designer’s portfolio to make sure they understand how to create the impression of effortless, seamless navigation before you hire them.

No Call to Action

A call to action isn’t merely supposed to be a footnote in the website text. It should be something that users can easily identify the moment they land on the page. This could be in the form of a clickable button or visibly placed contact form link. It can also be a sentence of written text, but be careful not to overload the user with long calls to action). Without a call to action, you are less likely to experience conversions, which equal website success.

Color and Contrast

This almost seems too simple: People need to be able to read your content, and if they can’t see it, they can’t read it. If your website text is lacking in sufficient contrast compared to its background color, people will have difficulty reading your content. Do you cater to an older clientele? If so, multiply this times 1,000. Encourage him to experiment with color schemes with the goal of readability in mind.


Let’s face it: People don’t visit your site for its attractive design. They visit it for its content, because that is where the value lies. Some small businesses get so caught up in piling on the information that they take for granted how that information is presented to the user. What does that mean? Many small business owners write content that is too long, too complicated and so confusing that the user just stops reading. They may even click away from the site in search of a simpler, more user-friendly alternative.

Venn Digram Detailing Ideal Objectives of Business Website Design

Whether your content is written by you, your Houston web design firm or an SEO company, make sure there is a strong visual content hierarchy, with headers and bullet points throughout, so that users can quickly scan your site and sort through for relevant information. And whatever you do, don’t overlook the importance of good grammar and spelling.


Have you ever seen a small business website that included way more information, graphics and photos than you would ever want to see? If course you have; who hasn’t? Don’t make the same mistake. Too much clutter will affect your web traffic and your search engine rankings. Obviously, the end result is poor conversion. Rather than allowing this to happen to you, make sure that the text, images and graphics on your site are all things that really need to be there.

Look for a Dallas web design firm that is aware of these mistakes and makes a strategic effort to steer clear of them. Small business owners who hire competent web designers and have successful sites can vouch for this advice.

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