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Updating Your Business Blog Means Valuing Your Brand

For consumers who follow the blogs of the brands they support, it is frustrating when a company’s blog just “drops off”, meaning the once-steady flow of content seemingly just stops. Brands that fail to update their blogs regularly are projecting a poor image for their company. If a reader visits a company’s blog, only to see that the last update was several months ago, it is like that brand is essentially telling them that:

  • “We don’t care enough about audience to engage with them.”
  • “We don’t think anyone really reads this anyways.”
  • “We don’t think our audience is savvy enough to notice we’ve been absent.”
  • “We don’t value the concept of branding at all, which means we’re quite outdated.”

Are those the messages you want to communicate to your audience? Of course not. To replace those negative messages with positive ones, you must ensure that your blog is updated regularly. Here are some business blogging guidelines that can help you stay on track.

Post a new blog at least once a week. Twice a week is even better, if possible. Try writing both blogs on the same day, so you will have them done; then, post them on different days of the week (i.e., Tuesday and Friday).

Commit a scheduled time for blogging every week. That doesn’t mean you need to book a whole day for updating your business blog; once you get comfortable, you may find it only takes an hour or two. Just as you have times scheduled for meetings with staff and customers, you must schedule times for your marketing efforts, blogging included.

Categorize your blog topics. One of the top complaints among business owners who don’t want to blog is, “I don’t know what to write about.” Remember, the point of business blogging is not to write a literary masterpiece, but to promote your brand. To take the pressure off yourself, try this exercise: Write out a list of topics that are highly relevant to your industry. Then, put them into categories and rotate those categories every time you write a blog post.

Of course, you can also outsource your blogging tasks to a competent advertising agency – one that specializes in digital marketing services, so it is also a SEO company and social media agency. Crest Media is one of the few advertising agencies in Austin that fits this description; we offer professional business blogging services, so you can save vast amounts of time and devote more energy to running your business.

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