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What Does the Future of SEO Hold?

At our San Diego SEO company, clients frequently ask us what the future of search engine marketing holds. After all, they’re a savvy bunch and many of them like to stay on top of the latest trends. Plus, as an end of the year post, we felt this would be a good topic to address, as many businesses begin to consider a sort of “New Year’s Resolutions” of their own.

When this happens, we go where the experts go (since we are experts!): to the sources, like speakers from the SES Chicago conference. This year, some of the revelations about the future of search - revelations that can be very helpful for our San Diego SEO clients, and other business owners who use search engine marketing to promote themselves online - included:

  • Eventually, keyword research may be narrowed down by all three search engines
  • The need for building content is only increasing
  • Targeted markets (your audience) matter!
  • The focus on marketing locally will increase
  • Social media will continue to play a key role (with “likes” on equal footing with “links”)

Learn anything new there? For many of our clients, those are valuable tidbits. Our San Diego SEO firm finds that the more business owners know about what their marketing company is doing, the more they benefit in some key areas, like:

As an enterpriser and an expert in your field, you wonder from time to time if your SEO company really understands how to promote you. We find that the more clients know about what we do, the more confidence they have in our aptitude for helping them attain a viable online presence.
If you didn’t like to be informed, you wouldn’t be where you are today. Our San Diego SEO clients love to know about trends in our field, in hopes that they can enhance their own marketing skills to propel their business further.
It’s no secret that in some fields, becoming savvy on matters of technology and media can give you a serious edge over the competition. Often, clients report to us that their web marketing participation has benefited them in ways that their competitors can’t lay claim to.

Stay tuned here for updates on the future of search engine marketing as our San Diego SEO team obtains them!

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