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What the New Google Maps can do for PPC

Google made a few poignant announcements at its annual I/O developers conference, including one that applies to a transition for Google Maps that can be relevant for those taking advantage of pay per click management programs. Specifically, the Google Maps team has said in a blog post, “When you set your Home and Work locations, start favorite places, write reviews and share with friends, Google Maps will build even more useful maps with recommendations for places you might enjoy.”

So similar to Facebook Graph Search, the new Google Maps service will prioritize the locations you have searched for in the past, as well as the businesses that your Google+ friends have engaged with positively. Additionally, it will select similar businesses to include in your search result maps.

But how does all this apply to those who are customers of a pay per click company? Here it is: In addition to the alphabetized “pin” icons that users of Google Maps are accustomed to seeing, the new Google Maps design will feature the names of each pinned business over their place on the map – and, any of the pinned businesses that have pay per click ads running on Google AdWords will have a teaser of their ads on the map as well. Naturally, this makes those businesses that take advantage of pay per click management services more prominent on Google Maps.

Sample screenshot of the new Google Maps search interface.

The best part is that for now, Google AdWords pay per click customers will not pay more in their PPC campaigns for the clicks on these Google Maps ads – at least not yet. However, more changes may be coming down the pike, as it was hinted that we should continue to watch the Google AdWords blog and Help Center for any future updates.

If you have not yet gotten your feet wet with pay per click advertising, now is the time to start. PPC is demonstrating good ROI for businesses of all types right now. Plus, Google has even more PPC tools, such as the Enhanced Campaigns capability to bid ads across different devices, locations and times of day; these can significantly boost the efforts of your pay per click company and give you better PPC results. Contact our experienced pay per click company, Crest Media, to learn more.

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